Exit through the gift shop

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With two children under the age of 10, we are regulars at theme parks & venues where children are run ragged and entertained and it made me think about the  ‘exit through the gift shop’ concept.

It’s an interesting concept, how often do you go into Starbucks grab a coffee and a cake, but Starbucks just promote & sell coffee don’t they?

It made me think, how many of your clients are instructed or guided through your ‘gift shop’?  How do you encourage clients to see you as offering more than one service and to not pigeon hole you?  Do you have a strategy to encourage cross selling?

Because of our name, we’re often only seen as ‘printers’ or ‘print managers’, it needs to be part of our strategy for growth to shout about our other services, or guide our existing clients through our ‘gift shop’.

Did you know we work with local businesses providing entry level creative services for them and are responsible for ongoing marketing support through facebook & twitter.  Did you know we have produced gift packaging for a large health & beauty client?

It’s important to cross sell, and I think the key to this is communication but also exceptional customer service, giving client’s a reason to continue browsing and a reason to return.

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