Negativity – The New Positivity?

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I recently read an article in The Drum magazine by Malcolm White, founder and planning director at creative communications agency Krow which shared his philosophy that, for agencies, negative people can be just as useful as positive people.

He uses the analogies of ‘radiators’ (optimists who warm others with their positive thinking) and ‘drains’ (those who suck the life out of colleagues with their negativity).

Malcolm discusses how positive thinking is often celebrated as the only way to get on at work, but is there another way?  Is there positive power in negative thinking?

Does natural negativity keep you on your toes?  He discusses that ‘drains’ don’t throw the towel in without a fight, they never stop trying, because they think it could all go wrong!  As I heard in a seminar recently, at times, it’s hugely beneficial to ‘act and think as a startup, remember that passion and fight for survival’.

In summing up, he suggests that we stop seeing negativity as a dark force, let’s start regarding it as a positive philosophy, after all where would we be without drains?  In the shit!

I agree with some of his points.  Whilst I don’t think we should strive for a ‘happy medium’, a place which I think is just a no man’s land if thought of in terms of attitude, a degree of realism and caution, mixed with forward thinking positivity & determination is a pretty good philosophy in life and in business!


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