The Beautiful Game…?

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So the England Football team have disappointed us again!

I am no football expert, to be fair I’m not even interested that much in the beautiful game.  What I am interested in is arguably the best Grand Slam tennis tournament there is, which starts this week, Wimbledon.  And there’s hope and anticipation that maybe, just maybe Andy Murray can defend his title.

While watching post match interviews yesterday, I came across a little known British player, Naomi Broady and listening to her, just made me think of comparisons to the England squad.

The England squad will step off the plane in a few days time, they’ll be disappointed, down hearted and probably a little ashamed of their performance, but ultimately, they’ll go back to their club salaries and in a few months time, be no worse off.

Compare them to Naomi Broady, who at 24 and ranked 164th in the world, has been granted a wildcard entry into Wimbledon this year and is through to the 2nd round after beating Hungary’s Timea Babos.

Naomi lost her Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) funding as a 17-year-old in 2007 for unprofessional behaviour on a night out, Broady has had to pay her own way on the circuit since.  I’m sure some of the England squad have behaved unprofessionally in the past with no such significant punishment.

Speaking about the withdraw of funding, Naomi says “It’s definitely made me hungrier. If I don’t win, I don’t have any money.”

“When I was looking at other things to do, it was specifically because I couldn’t fund my tennis,” she recalled. “It was hindering my tennis and I wasn’t getting the best out of it.

“This time last year I was lucky enough to get a wildcard into Wimbledon qualifying. The week before that, I was researching  going to Paris and looking at doing first aid courses, language courses, to become an au pair, because I couldn’t afford to play tennis. But I won a qualifying round and that got me through for a while, then I had some wins in the doubles and that helped me pay for the singles.”

Broady believes the fact she does not get LTA funding has made her hungrier for success.

“If I don’t win, I don’t have any money. I have to fight harder on court,” she added.

I just love that quote.

“The difference  a year can make is amazing. I think I’ll be fine for a year or so now. It’s very satisfying knowing that it’s me that has achieved this.”

Compare that to the England Football Squad – if they didn’t have the guarantee of their club salaries after their performance, would they have fought harder?

What makes you fight harder….?

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