Women – Tough to get through to the top….?

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Two interesting articles in The Drum magazine recently discussed Women in Marketing and also Working Parents.  As I fit quite nicely into both those groups, I found the articles really interesting.

The first discusses Women in Marketing and how women are struggling to gain access to the same opportunities of their male counterparts.  Interestingly lack of budget was cited as the main factor limiting women’s opportunities for development.  Some respondents said more investment should be made in training for senior members of staff as these are often overlooked while companies invest in training for more junior employees.

Prior to Print Monkey, I worked for a large printing firm, I’d worked their for a number of years and whilst I never felt the ‘old boys’ network held me back, there was a certain ‘really, women in print…?’ attitude, certainly amoungst the older members of staff.  My most recent position was as a personal assistant to the board of directors, a board of 8 men.  Whilst sitting in board meetings, I would sometimes cringe over the way their discussions went, and always felt, add a couple of women to the mix, things could be done better.

One respondent to The Drum survey agrees with this, an all-male board leads to a lack of understanding over women’s issues and an over sensitivity to women in the workplace.

The emergence of digital is helping women carve out new careers for themselves in an industry previously dominated by old men.  Shirley Au, president and COO at Huge says digital and design agencies ‘operate differently’ to advertising or media which offers women more opportunity to progress to senior positions.  ‘Having shot up since the 90’s, there aren’t so many old school veterans running the show, and there are plenty of women in senior positions’

That sense of taking control is something Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg asked women to do, when she asked them to ‘Lean in…’, although I suspect we should take it perhaps a step further Lean in and elbow a few of the dinosaurs out the way!!

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