Happy New Pencil Case Day

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I’ve always hated new year, the first time I was allowed to stay up as a child, I remember the expectation of something fabulous about to happen at midnight and in reality, the clock struck midnight, there was a big cheer, a few fireworks from neighbouring parties and then off to bed!

It didn’t meet my expectations. How many times have you made new Year’s resolutions in January only to fail a few days in because it’s cold & dark outside and there is an overall gloomy feeling to January, rather than a feeling of new beginnings?

So a few years ago, I decided to change my new year! It was pointed out to me, that as a child and young adult, new year is always about September. Remember that feeling of back to school, new possibilities, meeting up with friends you’d not seen for 6 weeks, tales of fabulous summer holidays and new pencil cases? Imagine if we could capture that feeling in business?

Well guess what, we can! Happy New Pencil Case Day!

This is even more relevant if you have kids that are going back to school! SoI would suggest, mapping out some goals that take you to Christmas, start thinking about the next calendar year now, do the planning and preparation now so you’re ready to hit the ground running in January!

The days may be getting shorter but they are evermore colourful as we move into Autumn -so go get that new pencil case!

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