Working Parents

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The other interesting article I found in The Drum recently was about Working Parents, with two children under 10, both myself and Andy can resonate and sympathise with so much of the respondents comments.

However, we started Print Monkey for a number of reasons, not least because there was an opportunity to procure print solutions differently – creatively & innovatively and to offer a Say Yes More than No attitude.  It also coincided with our eldest child starting school.  Prior to Print Monkey, Andy was travelling 50 miles to work in one direction, I was travelling a similar distance in the opposite direction.

At the time, I was working for what some would describe as an unreasonable boss, I thought he was fair , he wanted me there and wanted me to work hard whilst I was there, he genuinely wasn’t interested if one of the kids was poorly and I couldn’t come in – that wasn’t what he was paying me for.  So for me, the ‘guilt’ started to set in and it’s still lingering in the background now!

Starting Print Monkey, allowed me to take control, and Andy coming into the business in 2009 gave us both even greater control, one of us can take the kids to school or pick up, we can be at plays and sports days without asking for time off.  But the ‘guilt’ is still there, for me more than Andy I suspect.

The survey involving 500 parents split between creative agencies, media agencies & media owners, found that a massive 85% stated that they felt guilty because they have to balance work and/or parental commitments.  That’s a big number and a LOT of guilt.

In an industry that is fast paced, projects are overhauled on a whim, meetings chop and change, it is very difficult to keep all those juggling balls in the air and often it’s guilt that makes you drop them all.  Guilty that you’re not performing at your best for your clients, guilty because you miss the sports days….!  And don’t even get me started on the juggle that are the long summer holidays!

Imagine if we could ditch that guilt… how much more freedom would we have to be better directors, better managers, better parents…?

It’s not going to be easy, but I think a commitment to ditching the emotion of guilt which is unproductive, limiting and just down right hard work to maintain, would allow us to all be better at all aspects of our chaotic lives!
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