Disruption…. a strategy for business success?

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I’ve recently read a few articles where the word ‘Disruption’ was used, describing brand strategy and also as a method or route to continued success and it got me thinking.

We talk a lot of brand evolvement but also the importance of maintaining consistency – is consistency though a little stale now, should we all now be a little more ‘distrupive’ in our ideas and strategies, or is disruption a risk for many smaller brands?

Arianna Huffington recently spoke about Disruption in The Drum magazine, she says:

‘You have to be disruptive and disrupt your own success to stay relevant.  It’s not like it used to be when you could be successful and then just maintain your success.  Maintenance is not what the future is because there are new people coming up with greater, better ideas, and that requires creativity and being fresh.’

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Veb Anand is the executive director of strategy at Brand Union, he uses Virgin Atlantic as a great example:

‘Virgin Atlantic celebrates 30 years in service this year and more importantly it celebrates 30 years as a challenger brand.  Whether it’s a witty animated in flight safety video or experiments with bio-fuel, Virgin has been consistently disruptive, forcing other airlines to hold up a mirror to their own established conventions and ideas of service’

But Veb warns, the core of what most people love about Virgin Atlantic could be at risk as the brand matures:

‘Strategic brand tie ups, expansion and service compromises are undoubtedly part of the much needed scale for a maturing operation, but not at the cost of Virgin’s experience, which is arguably one of its key differentiators.  As the airline has matured. it’s fast losing it’s underdog and rebel-like character, the alternative to the ‘big bad British Airways’ – which is needs to re-establish and continue to embrace to maintain it’s traditional customer base.

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