Unfinished Business

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I  hadn’t managed to complete the Ride London 100 in 2015 due to an accident, so I was really pleased to get a ballot place to tackle the ride again in 2016!

I was no where near as anxious this time, I knew I could complete the course and I had a plan to make sure I did it in under 6 hours.

All was going so well, until several accidents held me and other riders up for nearly an hour, that meant Leith Hill was out again!  I got really demotivated when we stopped again going through one of the towns on the route (some would say mardy!).  But I had a word with myself reminded myself why I was doing this, raising money this year for tow fantastic charities Alex’s Wish and Mesothelomia.

I completed it, still haven’t got the magic 100!  I may be back next year!!



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