21 April

Always a different way….

…… to read…!  I’ve discovered audio books!  I love to read, the only real time I get is before bed, which often means, I’ve fallen asleep after a couple of pages and I’m not entirely convinced this is the best time to ‘learn’.  I spend a lot of time in the car, so I have […]

1 March

How to be really productive

I just LOVE this book.  By a lady called Grace Marshall, whom I met through networking, it’s a truly USEFUL book.  Sometimes business and personal development books are very thought provoking but don’t always give clarity on how you can put the advice into practice – this book does exactly that! The chapters are broken down […]

12 February

Bread & Butter

I’ve just finished reading this book by Tim Roupell.  His story of building a business from making a few sandwiches a day in the basement of a friends shop to now producing 50,000 sandwiches a day, employing 230 people and turning over nearly £14m a year. It’s a really honest account of the highs and […]

4 January

Happy Birthday Jesse Dog

Jesse Dog has been a regular feature at Monkey HQ and see turned two on new years eve – Happy Birthday Jesse!

21 December

Christmas Always Tastes Good at Monkey HQ

In nearly 9 years of business, our gift to our clients as Christmas usually starts developing some time in September, we try to come up with something creative, fun and nothing too precious!  This year we turned to gingerbread! If you were lucky enough to get one – we hope you enjoyed, if not… maybe […]

23 November

Inspiration Day

I attended a Book Day hosted by the You magazine, now I am certainly not a fan of the Mail on Sunday, but this day hosted by their magazine You, brings together a wide variety of authors, fiction & non fiction.  It’s always inspiring, thought provoking and entertaining! This year Nadiya Hussain & Clare Balding […]