15 April

Shining a glamourous light on print!

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High end retailer Net-a-Porter has recently launched Porter mag, a clear statement about the power & value of finely crafted print. Net-a-Porter’s VIP customers will get their copy lovingly delivered to their door as a matter of course, regular customers can subscribe with a single copy of annual subscription. We love the comments from founder […]

10 April

Be Yourself!

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We’ve posted this before but I still love it!

7 April

Offering & Values

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This sums up our offering & values perfectly!

1 April

Are you riding life’s high’s & low’s?

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Whenever I’m asked ‘what would you like more of…’, my default answer is time, but when considered, I’d actually like more momentum. When you have momentum in business you have ease and flow, the tricky tasks do not seem to arduous.  It’s something I strive to maintain and allows me to ride life’s high’s and […]

25 March

Colourful Spaces

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Interesting article in the latest Drum magazine about Agency Receptions and the impressions they create for clients. An agency’s reception area is often viewed as a reflection of the creative talent who choose to work there. CCO of Karmarama states ‘After the people & the product, the reception is the most important aspect of any […]

12 March

Andy’s Candy

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Saw this, made me smile! Love the brand ID and the way is transfers across the product range Created by Emcee Design, the project started as a logo & packaging refresh and developed into a full brand ID for Andy’s Candy which recently opened at 1012 9th Street in downtown Sacramento, USA. Learn more here […]

20 February

The Drum – Girls Guide – Kathryn Parsons

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One of the youngest entrepreneurs to be featured in The Drum’s Girls Guide, Kathryn Parsons is the 31 year old co founder of London based Decoded. A 30 minute meeting with the former executive creative director of TBWA, led Kathryn to launching her business which is dedicated to stripping away the fear and mystery behind […]

11 February

Charlotte’s 20th Birthday Week!

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So I turned 20 on the 2nd of February and it turned into a very busy week off work! My boyfriend has exactly the same birthday as me and also turned 20, as I’m not one to do things by halves we turned it into a birthday week! I finally got to spend some much […]

5 February

New Look!

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So after couple of months of crafting, evolution and a few disagreements, the new Print Monkey logo is ready for the world! We’ve lost the several different versions of logo and gone for clean lines & simple colours in our brand ID. We love it, we hope you like it too, watch this space for […]

31 January

The Drum – Girl Guides – Carla Buzasi

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Continuing to share some of the inspiration stories of The Drum’s Digital Idols, Carla Buzasi is the editor in chief of the Huffington Post in the UK. Since it’s launch in the UK, Carla has been at the helm and now counts over 25 journalists as paid staff and has a blogger community of 6,500, it […]