21 January

The Drum – Girls Guide – Martha Lane Fox

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A true pioneer I think of digital, even taking up a role in the UK government as Digital Champion for the UK for a period of time, Martha Lane Fox has the vision and drive to bring digital tools & technology to those that need it in the UK. According to Martha Lane Fox, technology […]

12 January

The Drum – Girl Guides – Karen Blackett

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As promised, here is the first of the stories picked from The Drum’s Girl Guides. Karen Blackett is the CEO of MediaCom. MediaCom build better connections for the world’s smartest advertisers, they plan and buy media for some of the country’s smartest advertisers, working across all traditional, new and emerging media. Highlight for me from the article […]

8 January

The Drum’s Girl Guides Annual

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Including in the latest Drum is a fab little book entitled Digital Girl Guides Annual – while on the face of it this title may feel a little condescending or a stab at the finer sex, once you understand the objective behind the book, it’s anything but. The book will serve as a ‘girls’ guide’, […]

6 January

Big 6!!

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Happy Birthday to us, we are 6 years old in January! In the past 6 years, we’ve had some great highs, consistently winning awards, delivering excellent customer service to clients both new and those that have been with us from Day 1.  One of the pivotal points last year, had to be moving in to […]

9 December

7 epic tech fails

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Ever wondered about tech ideas that didn’t quite take off? Well click on the link below to see 7 of the worst. http://www.smallbusinessheroes.co.uk/features/7-tech-ideas-failed-miserably/ It’s easy to forget about ideas that didn’t quite make it into every day use. It just shows that it is hard for companies to get it right first time. Even Apple, […]

4 December

German Secrets

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If you follow me @andyprintmonkey or @printmonkeyHQ on twitter you’ll know I’ve been on my travels again, this time to Germany, Pobneck pronounced Possneck, to be precise, a small East German town with approx 12,000 people. The reason for my visit ? to approve a rather large print project for one of our clients, 5 […]

26 November

10 of the worlds coolest offices

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So we think Monkey HQ is pretty cool, we’ve worked hard to make it a creative, fun place to work, but take a look at the link below and we might have some work to do to make it uber cool!! http://www.smallbusinessheroes.co.uk/features/worlds-10-coolest-offices/ It’s interesting to see how the offices reflect the brands values and ethos. […]

19 November


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It’s getting to that time of year when all sorts of ‘lists’ appear – the first one we have found is the Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year 2013. ‘Selfie’ has come out on top (a photograph one has taken of oneself & uploaded to social media) Followed by binge watch (to watch multiple episodes […]

15 October

Asda 3D!

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So today sees the launch of Asda’s 3D printing trail in the company’s York store. They start at £40 for an 8in figurine and can be scaled to whatever size the customers wants. It takes about 2 minutes to fully scan the surface of any object and then it’s ready for you to pick up […]

1 October