13 May


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From 18th – 25th May, the NEC will be taken over by 1,200 exhibitors in second largest Print Exhibition in the world, IPEX. Here at Print Monkey we are looking forward to seeing new innovations in machinery, paper & ink technologies.  Andy is also particularly hoping he get his paws on one of the presses […]

11 May

Kenny on the killer

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Just love the sound of the Yamaha TZ750 flat tracker, a bike so powerful it was later banned by the AMA. In this clip Kenny Roberts rides the dirt oval at Indy some 30 years on, no warm up or practice, nothing !!  90mph, no front brake, tip it in and nail that throttle. Check […]

3 May

No Rules !!

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The Joe Bar One race series in France is brilliant! A typical Joe Bar race bike makes a Moto GP 800 look like an over regulated light weight. Bikes can have any mods as long as they are safe! Meaning turbo’s, big bore 4 strokes, nutter tuned 2 strokes!  The engine must not be obscured […]

26 April

Retail Therapy

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Fantastic new ad for John Lewis – could keep watching it over and over – exactly how an ad should be, great music, great theme.  I think they have really captured what the John Lewis experience is like for many consumers! Not too sure about the part where opening the fridge appears to make her […]

16 April

Monkey Mail

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Our latest mailer is being sent out today!  We hope you like them!

30 March

Love it or hate it….

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Bet you looked twice! Posted by Emma

18 March

There’s an app for that

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When trawling through the vast amounts of App’s, most of which we aren’t entirely sure we need in our lives, we came across the myPANTONE app.  This app gives access to a wide variety of Pantone colour libraries and the abilty to build colour pallettes. I don’t think any printers out there would recognise it […]

9 March

Ladies & Gentlemen

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Says it all really !!

3 March

Spring has sprung!

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Spring has officially arrived at Print Monkey. Waking up to beautiful crisp, frosty, blue skied morning on Tuesday, the car keys stayed firmly in the cupboard, out rolled the mountain bikes and off we went to get muddy on the way to Monkey HQ! After going over the dirt jumps,  Andy even stopped to buy daffodils […]

26 February

So true…..even today

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As you know we went along to the touring GF Smith exhibition at De Montfort University this week. It was a fantastic opportunity to see how a company marketed itself throughout the decades and I was surprised to see that their sample books were just as fantastic in the early 1900’s as they are today! […]