22 February

GF Smith on Tour

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GF Smith are celebrating 111 Years of paper loveliness by going on tour! Having grown from a small family business in the late 1890s, to a thriving company with over 150 members of staff and a global sales network – GF Smith has adequate reason to celebrate the impact design has played on its success. […]

18 February

Knievel Jump

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Robbie Knievel, 47, will try to jump over 16 buses at Wembley, west London, in May – riding a classic Harley Davidson XR-750 machine, normally he jumps a CR500 motocrosser (sorts the men from the boys) which is half the weight of a Harley. Its going to be an event not to be missed, I […]

15 February

Contemporary Romantic

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I’ve never been one for big grand gestures on days like Valentines Day.  I get very sceptical about ‘forced’ events such as valentines day, over priced tables for 2, over priced roses – I’m sure you know the kind of thing! So yesterday, I gave Andy the following clues and off we went: – It’s red […]

11 February

Made in Queens

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Eat your heart out ” Rude Boys ” in your Nova’s and Saxo’s Posted by Andy

2 February

Nice Box !!

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With National Nest Box Week just around the corner, thought I’d post this Why would only humans make use of eco-friendly technology? OOOMS designed a birdhouse with a solar panel on it’s roof. During the day sunlight feeds the solar panel , charging a small battery inside. At twilight the transparent stick will light up […]

29 January

Inspire Networking

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Print Monkey will be sponsoring the February meeting of the Inspire Business Networking Group on Thursday 4th February. Guest speaker for the event is Cherie Concannon, an inspirational women, who is incredibly empowering as a business coach and mentor. As well as being able to present to a roomful of like-minded business people, the event […]

25 January

NYC Coaster

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This rocks !  the new ad from Barclay Card. Also check out the link to the making, great technology. Posted by Andy

19 January

Not just print

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Here at Print Monkey we don’t just do print !  So with this in mind here’s a little project that’s kept me busy over the past few weeks. We have built and branded 65 of these cool rides for one of our key clients and of course everyone needed a quick test ride round the […]

18 January

Leicestherday Mind Your Own Business Events

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Last Friday, I was invited to speak at the LeicestHERday Trust Mind Your Own Business Event. The LeicestHERday Trust is an umbrella organisation formed to give an equal voice to all women and enhance the community at large by enhancing women’s life experiences.  Their vision is to enable women to reach their full potential in […]

12 January

Deus Special

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Ok – I’m a petrol head and love this stripped down Harley Sportster. The Deus 1200 v-twin is based around a stock 1200 Sportster chassis and engine – the internals are untouched, the frame has only minor changes to suit the new parts and a good chunk of the chassis parts are stock too. Simplicity […]